4 Amazing WhatsApp Tricks 2021

4 Amazing WhatsApp Tricks 2021

WhatsApp is most used app all across the world with having more than 2B users in 180+ countries.Here are 4 amazing WhatsApp tricks that ensure a better experience for using WhatsApp in 2021.

These 4 amazing WhatsApp tricks provide you amazing tools that are unique and mostly people not now them.

These tricks are easy to use through a simple app known as “WA box”.

This app holds many features for using Whatsapp which are described below.But 1st you can install this app from download link below to enjoy it’s features.




This app holds many amazing features like;

  1. Status Saver.

This app will help you to save any kind of status from your contacts. You will watch full status and then open the WA box app. Status will appear there and you will save it in your gellary through save button.


You can see all types of chats sent by anyone to you. If sender deletes chat for everyone, you can still see it through WA box.This is the best feature from these 4 amazing WhatsApp tricks 2021.

3.Chat In Different Languages.

You can chat to anyone in many languages because,WA box supports many languages like;





Russian(ru), and Spanish(es) languages.

All the keyboards are provided in the app.

4.Direct Chat.

You can chat with an unsaved number in your contact list directly. You don’t need to save a contact now for chatting through WhatsApp because WA box is here to avoid it.

These were 4 amazing WhatsApp Tricks 2021 that you can use to make a better WhatsApp use through WAbox.

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