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AFK Arena Mod Apk is a very famous mobile game. It is afk arena tier list of heroes. Every hero is evaluated based on their performance in multiple kinds of content for every standard bracket. These are names such as PvE, PvP, Bosses, and Labyrinth (relic content). All the ratings do completely subjective based. They are almost doing based on the personal decision of experienced players. Moreover, those who show the most progressive gaming experience at each level of the game.

However, If you feel we give the wrong status to any hero for any level of the game. Then, tell us with proof, and we will change the hero’s status. You can also arrange the best heroes from any rating level, and you can develop through the game. All these conditions can become some complexes once you factor in the bonus for getting the similar clique heroes in one squad. Furthermore,, all recommendation goes for the activation of at least one of the buffs.

Best Afk arena heroes

The list offers hard thinking about the best Heroes for focusing on multiple ratings of games. So, these levels are namely Early, Mid, and Late Game. However, their rating comes from PvP, PvE, Guild Boss, and Labyrinth Arcane.

Early Game Tier List

Since from the 160 level, it focused on utilizing the Daimon, Saurus, or Eironn as you bring. However, with slow performance of working. It can be done from Ezizh from the competitor’s product and utilize lab coins for Arthur. However, it will be except when a dimensional exchange is moving at a fast rate. It also starts from the initial stage to Campaign Chapter 30.

Later level 240, Legendary Tier Heroes will not obtain any extra outstanding skill. So, they will fell down inefficiency, reducing the viability. It’s secure to sacrifice such Heroes simultaneously for outstanding the others.

Mid Game Tier List

Mid Game afk arena hero also includes from the initial stage to Chapter 30 to Chapter 35. Moreover, you begin more excellent out Signatures and Furniture of the fundamental heroes in the development.

End Game Tier List

Now, you desire to invest in almost all of the heroes you’ve already obtained. So, the beginning of maxing out some niche heroes Such as Alna and Mortas. You also amused by the excellent performance of this page while visiting from your computers!

Only smartphones can play the AFK Arena game. However, if you want a better gaming experience on a PC with Windows, you’d need to download it first. Alternatively, AFK Arena can be installed using a third-party Android emulation tool on your PC.

Afk arena codes

This post will show you all the free rewards you can utilize with AFK Arena Codes. Depending on the generosity of the developers, you can get all sorts of diamonds, gold, scrolls, etc.

  • Code for 300 Diamonds and 20 Elite Hero Soulstones (NEW): deq63bqdnu
  • This code will redeem you 5x Large Crates of Hero Essence and EXP, 500 Diamonds, and 5x Large Crates of Gold and Diamonds
  • Using the PrinceofPersia Code, you can gain 500 Diamonds, 500 Hero Essences, and 500k Gold Coins (NEW)
  • 100k Gold and 100 Diamonds using code 311j4hw00d
  • The Ch3atc0de is a code that allows you to receive 100k Gold and 100 Diamonds
  • Get 100k Gold and 100 Diamonds using the code xmasl00t
  • Get 100000 gold and 100 diamonds with code d14m0nd5

Furniture Tier List & Upgrade Priority

We are also describing an entirely AFK arena furniture tier list for both PvE and PvP game sources. Moreover, you also know a brief explanation about every single hero in the game.

Early Game

Whenever you have unfastened the Furniture performance from the Oak Inn!

9/9 Furniture Priority:

1.First of all, Ainz has the power to alternate the game.

2.Lucretia and Talene both are Ascen any of these later Twins.

Gradually boosting them via Stargazing. Since from the Campaign 30 great shining come from them.

3/3 Furniture Priority:

1.Eireann is effectively OP as it does not focus on safeguard.

2.Daemon also has up to 40% 

3 . Skriath alternate the gaming furniture, permit you to form the Five-Pull squad.

4.Tidus for additional healing, minimum CCed, and multiple ATK.

5 . Tasi for multiple teleports and Lyca with two arrows.

6 . Rowan for sound healing and stats, permitting him to tank simpler.

  1. Ferael obtains a buff recent and powerful.

8 . Gwyneth, Put her most excellent on the list if she is your primary brings!

 Mid Game

9/9 Furniture Priority:

1.Izold (Situationally) using Izold Cheese team. Moreover, Furniture is the excellent bang for the buck with insane DNS and tanky. It can be ignored in the team’s development.

2.Lyca also permits her to do 2x up to harm and x2 the security break.

3.Grezhul is an excellent suggestion for tons of PvE Boss battles in Twisted Realms and Abyssal Expedition.

4.Lucretia and Talene both leftover ones from the primary stage of the game.

3/3 Furniture Priority:

1.Twins also have excellent tons of material in the game.

  1. Saurus is a good start, with powerful survival efficiency.
  2. Thoran in the case of Thoran Cheese team utilization.
  3. Silas can be obtained for Izold usage. However, it is excellent for buffing Sold.
  4. Khazard in the case of utilization of the Khazard Wilder team.
  5. Albedo and Ezio in the case of usage of Ainz and obtain 3/3.
  6. Nara excellent for the team with spacious CC. You can also use it with Daemon in the campaign squad.
  7. Pippa as an Energy drainer for obtaining of paired with Tasi.
  8. Skreg also Enables the Skreg Invade squad excellently strong with the mauler team.

10.Rosaline also providing a bit of excellent stuns, and everyone loves it.

End Game

It includes later from Chapter 32, and you will amuse from 3/3 about all of your core heroes.

9/9 Furniture Priority:

  1. Ferae

l with 9/9 introduces him as a debuff god. So, Your enemies can difficulty come here and there or deal harm.

2.Ezizh, almost all the players, can arise him later twelve months. However, 9/9 furniture permits him to push one another mission effectively.

  1. Tasi can simple do tons of teleporting and potent. 
  2. Skreg is almost 9/9, including the power of gaming alternation, developing him one of the best heroes in the end game.

5.Oden also appears as an Energy Draining God.

6.Eireann may be your excellent essential carry to Chapter 31. 9/9 permits him to manage 15% up to harm. But obtains him multiple splendid stats.

3/3 Furniture Priority:

1.Brutus also brings him insensitive for 10s. Magnificent for the security Daimon which can do easily.

2.Raine attains multiple Twisted Realm teams. However, people generally sensitive here later 5/6 multiple heroes.

3.Arthur also protects Ainz and Gwyneth safely.

4.Satrana better for the anti-healing squad. Although, you continually ascend 4-5 such heroes before her.

Afk arena for android

Today, the Afk arena relic tier list also offers you the ordinary and simple idea of the best relics. Because you will receive it for dealing mazes in the game, these are also beneficial for boosting the Heroes’ power. So, these also include Peaks of Time and Arcane Labyrinth.

You can get success each time and can get one from three offering Relics. Although, these relics are using as representative game modes. However, they are also without any impression of the gameplay extract of these game modes.

Afk arena faction advantage type

    • Tier S/S- Relics are recognized and can use immediately from their visualization.
    • Moreover, Tier A Relics are better and most common.
    • There is also Tier B Relics that can be good in particular conditions.
    • Tier C Relics are simple for utilization.

Afk arena Free Diamonds And Hero Coins

As well as diamonds and gold, AFK Arena rewards players with treasure and artifacts that they can collect in each quest.

You can earn unlimited Diamonds and coins by using the new mod hack method called AFK Arena Free Diamonds. You must register to participate in the AFK Arena Free Diamonds program. To initiate the process, you need to type in “AFK Arena” in the search bar. That’s all you need to do. 

Afk arena Unlocks

 Afk arena meta for all the game heroes, and their rating breaks into multiple characteristics levels. Moreover, every feature is rating primarily on its usefulness in various kinds of content. It also includes 2 Guild Bosses, PvE, PvP, Labyrinth (relic content), and a Maze. However, the afk arena artifact tier lists excellent gears which present just in the Peaks of Time.

Afk arena mod apk for IOS and Mac

  • Install BlueStacks on your Mac or IOS.
  • Your Google credentials are required to log in. It can be done as a separate account (if you wish).
  • To download AFK Arena, go to the Google Play Store icon and search for it.
  • You can load the app from the home screen by downloading AFK Arena.
  • Before you can change your account, you must complete the intro quests if you are logging in via Facebook.


We conclude that afk arena tier list of heroes rating who primarily depend on their operating performance. Their performance includes multiple kinds of content for every level bracket. So, we describe them clearly, which will prove very helpful for you. However, if you have any questions or concerns, contact us in the comment section.

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