How to Get any Number Details in Pakistan 2021

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The way to earn money through an app is easy now because the internet has changed everything. There is no longer any need to compete in a formal education system or attend classes in order to make money. Making money is as simple as just clicking a few buttons. If you know what you are doing, you can make a lot of money by sitting at home and typing away.

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get any number details


The internet allows you to sell anything to subscribers, including digital music and ebooks. Make sure that your content is very interesting so that people keep coming back to download your products. If people are interested in what they have to offer, they will definitely click your ads.


Free Person Tracker App Promoting an app is one of the best ways to earn money. Customers are always looking for ways to stay fit and healthy. They have a busy schedule and would like to keep track of their location. If they have an app where they can track their calories, fitness activities, and know how many calories they consume, you will have a good share of the smartphone market.


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Tracking someone’s SIM number is one of the most popular and used apps for finding the phone’s location. If your phone is stolen, lost, or treated poorly, you can use the tracking app to find its location.

Our goal here is to explore the best free phone tracker that exist, as well as their features and specs, so stay tuned.

What information a sim tracker provides:

The information is different because there are a number of tracker apps available in the play store or in local stores, or available online through the web; some of the most important information is:

  • Location (current address)
  • Name
  • Last signal(last location)

Parents as well as police use the sim tracker app because they can locate their children and know where they are and police can track criminals and track their movements; isn’t that helpful?


get any number details


 What network does the sim tracker app support? Does it work on Jazz, Ufone, Zong or which one?

What is the network coverage on which SIM tracker works?

In Pakistan and worldwide, there are a variety of network services, so trackers can only work on specific networks.

But don’t worry,

The tracker works almost on almost all networks; for example:

  • Jazz (Mobilink)
  • Zong
  • Ufone
  • Telenor

And so on.

How to track Sim’s number?

We have provided the link to the file below so you can just scroll down and have the file on your phone. It’s the simplest process because you only have to have the file on your phone. As it is easy to use and has a simple layout/interface, you will easily find the networks’ options; click on the network the Sim is running, select the number, then click on the next option. The location and owner of the Sim can be obtained using the number bio data after a certain period of time.

How does the sim card location tracker work?

Due to its simple layout, there is no difficulty in managing and tracking a sim card’s information. Nowadays, smart tech is an everyday part of life and continues to advance rapidly and making tracking systems easier; the sim tracker provides two main features: 

  • The location of a smartphone is tracked by its SIM card.
  • Monitor the changes to the chip within the device.

A tracking chip is artificially installed in the phone or can be installed by the company. Mobile companies monitor every change in the phone. For example, if the sim card is replaced, it will notify you immediately through the app interface. To get notified, you need to be online.

To start the app, follow the simple steps described below;

  1. Provide the required information to sign up for the free app.
  2. On the network in which the Sim runs, type the number.
  3. When the tracker is turned on, the information will be available shortly.

The tracker will provide you with information based on the terms and conditions, so you should make sure you read the app terms and conditions before tracking the number.


As it has an easy interface, and no subscription fee is required, it is not a complicated process.

Snoopza- the free tracking sim card location app:

It lets its users track their mobile phone number and other phones just a few steps away by using Snoopza, a free app available on the Google Play app store.

What information will it provide?

 As a result of its features, it will display the following information:

  • Sim last location
  • Current location
  • Name of the owner
  • SMS

By using this app, you can track and determine a sim’s location at any given time, wherever you are, as long as you can connect the sim to the internet using your mobile data service or the PTCL!

A spy app, Snoopza keeps tabs on your SIM card number.

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