Online Transactions Through Jazz Cash & Easy Paisa

Are you looking for a way to manage your transactions with a single tap on your smartphone? Can’t find anything remotely workable as far as transferring cash between two branchless banks is concerned?

Here are two simplest ways for money transaction remotely by just one click through only phone number.It also ensures a good experience of avoiding the banking system and roaming about their for hours for trnsactions.

These simpler Ways are; •Jazz Cash

•Easy Paisa


Both methods are equally efficient and affective for transactions and are so quick that transactions wait only for your click and money transfers as soon as you have sent it to recipient.

So, online transactions through Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa are mostly used and simplest ways for getting rid of payments.


Following are some troubles that you keep away from you by online transactions through Jazz Cash & Easy Paisa.


•Online Money Transfer.

You can transfer money to any recipient by just a click through Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa.A code is given to you at the time of creating accounts on these platforms and this code consists of four digits.

For money transfer, you will dial *786# on your mobile phone and then select the option for money transfer.After that you will put recipient’s phone number(xxxxxxxxxxx) there and then you will write your four digit code in given space(xxxx) and click on send button.Transaction completed and you are free.

•Pay Bills.

Online transactions through Jazz Cash and easy paisa have expanded in number and are so easy to pay bills as well through both these platforms.Method is very simple for paying bills.

•You will dial *786# on your mobile phone.

•Select The pay bills option.

•Write The Bill Number consists of about 14-16 digits.

•Put your account password of 4 digits and bill has been payed instantly.


Money will be cut accordingly from your acount.Life has become more easier by online transactions through Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa.


Install apps From Links below for simple,secure and fast transactions.




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