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Entertainment apps that provides live TV to Android devices. There is no doubt that you can watch anything with this app, including live cricket matches and dramas, as you want. Furthermore, it has a specific well arrangement for the TV channels.

It is the best option for those facing difficulties paying your TV’s high charges or other content you like, as well as you can have access to many new things in our daily lives. You can find all the important information about ThopTV we have available for free in this article.

Also, we are telling you about the features, requirements, using, and downloading procedures.

What is ThopTV app?

For TV enthusiasts, ThopTV is the ideal app for streaming live channels, films, and programs. Moreover, for those who want to watch movies, TV shows, and other things on Netflix, Thoptv should be your first choice.

It supports over 300 channels, over 2000 movies, and multiple premium series. Data is obtained from a direct source without maintaining host servers.

 What is the Requirement for ThopTV Apk?

This is essential for you to use ThopTV on your smart TV, phone, or PC. If these are not available then ThopTV does not function correctly. Therefore, here are the requirements I have included:

  1. A device running Android version 4.4 or higher is required.
  2. To download this app, Android Tv must have at least 100 MB of storage.
  3. For supporting all HD material, 1GB RAM is necessary.
  4. High-speed Internet access


What are the main features of ThopTV?

It is a user-friendly and comfortable mobile application app with many features. More than 3000 channels of TV, 5000+ Radio, and a chat, as well as support the smart and stick TV, are available for your entertainment. What makes it unique is its easy to download content.

1.Stream TV Shows and HD Movies:

The ThopTV app permits everyone to stream their favorite content free of charge. Your favorite content includes TV shows, movies, and other such things. Having an HD capability makes the app very practical, since it prevents you from having a stream and active subscription.

  1. Subtitles Support:

ThopTV proves very useful for stream the content into a completely different language and allowing you to recognize its subtitles. This is accomplished by solving the language’s problems and allowing you to stream it with subtitles.

  1. Live TV Channels streaming:

You can stream a lot of TV shows and movies using the ThopTV app. You can also play live TV content on the app for free. Moreover, the application is available to you for free.

  1. Regular Updates:

Our experienced developers are working behind the scenes for a great user experience. Many updates are regularly coming along in which there are many UI/UX changes. Our developers are available who resolve any issues quickly if any.

  1. Live Casting facilities :

This app is one of the best Android applications for live streaming on Smart TV. You can learn how to live broadcast directly from your smartphone on your TV. Looking forward to experiencing this great experience for yourself.

6.Great collection of content

For starters, THO tv on offered exclusively for viewers to watch your favorite TV shows without a subscription. However, it also receives a surplus of new content every month. With the applications of this app you will enjoy 3000 worldwide video channels as well as 5000 radio channels.

How can you Download and Install the ThopTV app?

Due to its unique features, it always gives a complete guarantee to its users. As this app does not make it available in the google play store, but don’t worry, since its website offers it free of charge. Install this app on Android devices by following the outlined steps before making sure to complete consideration.

  1. From setting, go to “Unknown Sources.” Then go to security and turn on the security option.
  2. Go to your Android device’s download management and click on Thoptv apk. It’s now time for you to download it.
  3. In a mobile screen, two options can be found. There are two ways to install the OS, and you need to launch it quickly on your Android device.
  4. On your mobile screen is a pop-up with options. You have to wait for some time for that to appear.
  5. When all downloads and installation is finished, simply click on the “Open” option and open the screen on your mobile device.
  6. Your favorite channel can easily be found on the homepage and in the search box you can easily search.

With these easy steps, you will be able to download and install this app easily without any lag. You can now watch all your favorite TV shows, movies, channels, and other media content whenever you want. Enjoy it without costing a penny up front.

How to use Thoptv?

Make sure to use the search box to watch your favorite movies or TV shows. Once you know the channel name, you can search your favorite content in the search box. Next, you run the insert selection and type in the generic name in the search box. You will see several such net flex material on the screen, and you will be able to pick the one you prefer.

In addition, you can also easily unlock a specific channel using Thoptv apk and using a VPN therein. Despite this, you may want to avoid regular updates from geo restricted sites by utilizing a VPN in it. In however different Android platforms, users can stream music, videos, TV shows, movies, and other content for free without paying a fee. You can do it all from your name.

With its unique features, the Thoptv app exists on the google play store, but you can easily install it on your Android phone by downloading the Thoptv apk from the website. Using this method, you can enjoy it immensely in a simple and free way.

Where can you get the ThopTV app for PC?

We are describing a simple and straightforward method that will let you install ThopTV for PC.

Once you download the ThopTV application on your PC and the OS in your PC, make sure the exile file is downloaded from OS selection.

  • Once downloaded, open the program and install it on your computer without any restrictions.

How can you install Thoptv on Mac?

  1. Before you begin downloading this app on your Mac, please follow these steps.
  2. Once you have downloaded it, please open it and install it on your Mac.

Where can you get ThopTV on Linux?

  1. Install ThopTV on Linux by downloading the installer.
  2. You will need to enter a password for the downloaded location.
  3. All the administrator password information needs to be kept separate and then you can click on the installation option.
  4. Installing all its applications and operating system is almost done.

How can you Install ThopTV on Realme Smart TV?

  • Click the Device Menu button in your TV settings.
  • Install it from Unknown Sources after downloading the Developer Mode.
  • Click on the Google Play Store icon and you can start downloading it.
  • Run the Downloader application and validate JavaScript.
  • To download, open a new browser tab and copy and paste the URL
  • Several minutes later, the app downloads, and you can install it on your real-life smart TV by simply clicking on install.

What is the process for updating ThopTV?

Please follow these instructions whenever you wish to update Thoptv apk in your new version.

  • Download and install ThopTV APK from our servers!
  • You have to uninstall the application already installed on your computer.
  • Open the APK file from your new device in that way.
  • You will then be able to install ThopTV into your latest version.

Then, you can download the latest APK from our website and install it. Now, enjoy your favorite content.


We conclude that Thoptv is the only way to get rid of expensive TV. Everyone should install the ThopTV app and enjoy more than 5000 radio stations and 3000 channels. Also, you can get many features, including chat support, a user-friendly interface, and subtitles. However, this app provides you with many movies, TV shows, and web series. You can get this fantastic application without any charge. Read our article together to learn all about this app. In short, this app is bringing a lot of features that provide free live TV casting. Enjoy it now!

Thoptv not working?

The Thoptv Time Fix Issue solution is easy, you just have to remove your internet connection and open the Thoptv app and you will be able to fix the issue. On the slide there will be an option of Retry. Click on the Retry and you’ll be able to open The ThoptTV app easily. If you have land-line, remove LAN cable and open ThoptTV app and join the LAN and click on Retry.

The Thoptv pc has video errors. How to fix them?

Some video code errors appear when we watch a video. Each error has its own solution, i.e.

# Error 1004  


–  Ad Blocker software has been activated

– Custom ROM wills built-in Adblocker activated

– Network provider is blocking Ads

    How to Fix 

  • Deactivate Ad Blocker software
  • Disable built-in Ad Blocker of Custom ROM
  • If device is rooted, delete ETC/HOST file and reboot
  • Sometime restarting device might fix this issue
  • Use proxy (VPN)

# Error 1014


  • Network failed to load data
  • Firewall blocked
  • Using old version of app

How to Fix:

  • If internet connection is available or not .
  • Use proxy (VPN)

# Error 1003


  • Internet unavailable

How to Fix:

  • Check if the internet is working.
  • Check if there is no cross icon beside network and wifi symbol.
  • Disable firewall (if any)
  • #Error 1004G


  • Storage permission is necessary on that device
  • How to fix:
  • Open the Thoptv App
  • Click Vertical Ellipsis (3 dots) Menu: on Top right.
  • Go to About Us page.
  • Click YES to give storage permission when app asks.
  • Restart Thoptv.

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