WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2021

WhatsApp Amazing Tips and Tricks 2021

WhatsApp is the most used app in the world having above 2B users across 180+ countries all over the world. It’s popularity increases due to it’s amazing features but some features are still unavailable for public that they want.

So, some WhatsApp tips and tricks are defined here to to overcome some problems which people are facing.

People demand for following things in WhatsApp ;

­čö╣Auto Status Saver

­čö╣Recover Deleted Chat

­čö╣Find received messages which are deleted

­čö╣Export deleted media

So the following WhatsApp tricks will make you feel better experience of WhatsApp.

These WhatsApp features are available in an amazing app named as “Auto RDM”.

You can install this app from the download link below to experience it’s features.

Let’s talk about features of Auto RDM app to enjoy amazing WhatsApp tips and tricks.

Features of Auto RDM.

Auto RDM can do amazing things about WhatsApp to make you feel better about this amazing app.

These features are;

Recover Deleted Messages.

You can recover all your deleted messages through Auto RDM. Your notifications are scanned by this app and they recover automatically instantly.

Restore Media Files.

Auto RDM have WhatsApp tips and tricks, which can be used universally. It’s tools are not restricted to only recover deleted messages rather it can export your media like videos,photos,voice notes and all other deleted things in WhatsApp.

Status Saver.

It’s an amazing trick in this app that includes saving of all types of statuses automatically by just one click. You have to watch full status in WhatsApp and then open Auto RDM app to save it.

So, these were some amazing WhatsApp tips and tricks that Auto RDM contains. Enjoy all these features┬á by installing Auto RDM and make you feel better for WhatsApp.Don’t forget to share witg friends.

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