WhatsApp Updated Features 2021

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WhatsApp Updated Features 2021

WhatsApp is an amazing tool for free chatting all over the world. You can also connect to each other through high quality voice and video calling.But, some features of WhatsApp are updated so you will now about these WhatsApp updated features 2021 here.

WhatsApp is an amazing app, used by over 2B people across the world in about 180 countries.

Due to having such an amazing number of users, WhatsApp has to update it’s features regularly on people demand.Because everyone has his own opinion and interest to use WhatsApp so, WhatsApp hears opinions of all people and updates it’s features accordingly. All those features are updated which are needed most in present era. Here we will discuss about these amazing WhatsApp updated features in 2021 which you may not know uptill now.

So let’s learn about these WhatsApp updated features one-by-one.

🔹Private & Secure Messaging Across The World.

You can connect yourself by messaging through WhatsApp to other people or to your loved ones. Your chat will be 100% secure and your messages are end-to-end encrypted.

You never need to worry about your chat’s privacy. WhatsApp made sure that your chat is unavailable for anyone which is a 3rd person.

🔹Instant and Secure Connection Right Away.

Your connection with other people,takes place instantly and you can receive messages instantly and your reply is also delivered at the same time.

All the proceedings are too fast from simple messages.

🔹High Quality Voice & Video Calling.

WhatsApp doesn’t only allows chatting and mesaaging rather you can make video calls,voice calls & voice messages as well.

Voice & Video calling is of high quality and your proceedings are in your hand. Anyone from outside can’t access to your calling.

You can also make group calling which is needed basically for study or business purposes. So, WhatsApp updated features 2021 also support your business.

🔹Daily Moments-Share Status.

You can share your daily moments or favorite memories to all your saved contacts through WhatsApp status.


So, hope you will feel better after knowing about these updated features of WhatsApp. Share these features with friends too.

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